Issues with fluxcam since latest wordpress update…

There seems to be an issue affecting some browsers/users since the latest round of wordpress updates, possibly to do with the¬†recent¬†CSRF tokens exploit (and subsequent fix) which doesn’t seem to jive with either the SSL/https setup we have or the encrypted tunnels we use between our servers and exit nodes…not sure which as yet.

I think the issue is partially fixed but there were still problems playing on puffin on ipad, so if you’ve been having problems please make an account on here (registrations are now open) and cam/view from here for the time being since this is the simplest setup (though not encrypted/ssl), and works on puffin/ios.

Thank you for your patience. It will get resolved soon but there’s slightly ‘bigger rocks’ in play this week as I’m sure most of you are aware.

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